St. Michael’s Acolytes assist the congregation by performing tasks during the worship service,  including processing with cross and candles, and assisting the clergy in setting the table for the Eucharist. The program involves training and advance scheduling so that there can be an acolyte team assigned each Sunday, as well as for special holy days such as Christmas and Easter.

Altar Guild

Members of the Altar Guild are responsible for preparing the Altar and assisting with various services including Holy Eucharist, Morning Prayer, Lenten services, baptisms, weddings, funerals, memorials and any worship services requested by the rector. They change the Altar frontals and falls at proper times, wash and care for linens and decorate the church at Christmas and Easter. Members generally serve at a service once per month and co-chair a month during the year which includes scheduling and the monthly clean-up in the sacristy.

Friendly Callers

This small group of parishioners take turns visiting (or offering to visit) homebound members each month in their homes or care facilities. We also take turns sending cards or telephoning a number of others each month. Our goal is to help these folks know that we remember them, are praying for them and just brighten their days a bit. These are the folks whose names are recited during the prayers of the people along with others. Reaching out and caring for each other is really the ministry of each of us.


Our wonderful greeters are in place every Sunday morning, either at the Fellowship Hall door or the Nave entrance, to offer you a warm smile and a gentle handshake! We would love to add you to our list of members. Generally, the time commitment is one Sunday per month. If you are interested in being the first welcoming face that our congregants see on Sunday morning, please let Donna Wipfli know.

Lay Readers

The Lay Readers is a group of about 25 parishioners who volunteer to read Scripture and prayers at our main Sunday and holiday services. Most read 4 or 5 times per year, while others read more often, depending on their interest and availability. Passages are sent to readers a few days before the service, so they can practice at home. We always welcome new members.


The Ushers at St. Michael’s in the Hills fill many jobs on Sunday mornings! They invite you into the Nave, hand you a bulletin, bring the elements forward, collect the offering and dismiss each pew for communion. They also take a count for attendance figures and to help the rector with the number receiving communion and report at the end of the service on the intake of contributions and attendance. We would love to add you to our membership.