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Common Grounds

Common Grounds adult seminar is a vital part of Christian Education at St. Michael’s in the Hills. Each Sunday after the worship service (Sept. through May), all adults are invited to the Fellowship Hall following the 10 am service for presentations of spiritual, cultural and social topics. Presenters are often congregation members, spotlighting the wealth of talent and experience in our parish. Church organizations and committees are welcome to use Common Grounds as a forum for increasing awareness for special needs and projects. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

January 29: More Toledoans Helping Ukraine

Alona Matchenko, Ukrainian studying law at the University of Toledo, founded Toledo Helps Ukraine, which recently partnered with Promedica to raise funds to ship donated medical and other supplies to Ukraine.  THU is also aiming to help resettle refugees from the war here.  Jim Trumm, native to Toledo and Ottawa Hills, is a supporter of THU and also recently volunteered to drive a truckful of supplies from London to the Polish border for another organization with Toledo ties. They have great stories to share and opportunities for involvement.  Come to Common Grounds to meet Alona and Jim. Check out the website to learn about Alona’s organization, and ways to donate time or service.