Welcome to St. Michael's in the Hills Episcopal Church! We are a faithful, hopeful and caring community of all ages with parishioners from across the Greater Toledo area. We welcome ANYONE and EVERYONE to join us at ANYTIME as we praise, pray, and serve God in our homes, work, community and church. We are a progressive parish that values tradition. We celebrate God in our midst and the Divine within each of us. Please explore this site for all kinds of helpful, specific information. Don't hesitate to call, drop by or join us for worship. We would love to welcome you in person! Alleluia! Amen!

What's Brewing at Common Grounds?

  • Sunday, March 26 - Strolling through 200 years

    Huh? Today we will have a traveling display of 12 posters which will take you through the history of our Diocese. Get a cup of coffee and peruse the stories which will amaze and make you proud. You will also have a chance to learn about the Diocesan project #whatsyour200?

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