Feed Your Neighbor!

Please donate nonperishable food items to support the local food bank. Drop off items in the baskets near the entrances.

The Good Book Club

What is the Good Book Club? The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians to join in reading Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans during Epiphany 2019. Episcopalians will start reading Romans on January 7, 2019 and read a section every day (except Sundays)...

Christian Education

Common Grounds adult seminar is a vital part of Christian Education at St. Michael's in the Hills. Each Sunday after the 9:45 worship service, all adults are invited to the Fellowship Hall for presentations of spiritual, cultural and social topics. Go here to see the...

Altar Flowers

The 2019 Altar Flower chart is posted on the hall bulletin board. If you wish to provide flowers for the altar on a Sunday in memory of a loved one, please sign up. The church office makes the weekly arrangements with the florist, and the florist will direct bill...

Need Pastoral Care?

REMINDER: Please notify the church office/Father John if you or any parishioner is hospitalized or in need of pastoral care.   Privacy laws prevent institutions from sharing such information.  FYI: The church office is happy to keep a record of...

Bath Fizzies!

Sunday, January 13th all age groups met to make bath fizzies! We learned a few science concepts: acid / base and organic liquids. We also learned Biblical concepts – why gold, frankincense and myrrh? What are the types of oil that priests use in anointing?

Congratulations Confirmands!

On Sunday, May 13th, Bishop Arthur Williams confirmed Robert Caywood, Jaymie Fontana, Thomas Fontana, William Becker, Samantha Braun, Charlotte DeRosa, William Gerhardinger, and Meredith Randall and reaffirmed Julia Burtscher and Sherman Hawley.