Youth Choir Yearly Special Events


With such busy schedules, the musical is a time for all ages to come together for a short amount of time, and put on a show that will leave you feeling the spirit. We sing, dance, learn lines and blocking‚ÄĒeverything you would think to put on a musical. We perform the musical either during service or right after the service, depending on the length. Every kid should be a part of it!     For 2018, our performance was "Esther".
For: All ages!
Rehearses: Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:30am. Rehearsals start in January with performance in the Spring (depending on the Easter schedule).



This is a one, all-day event sponsored by the Diocese that culminates in an Evensong that over 70 kids participate in. We learn all the music before going to the event so that we are prepared for the clinician to work with us. This is truly a spiritual event that no one should miss!

For: All ages!
Date: Usually in February or March
Time: All day event, always held on a Saturday
Where: Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland Heights
Cost: Free! 



Youth Choir Camp was created to gather together in song and to prepare us for the year ahead. During camp we play instruments, learn about music pedagogy among other things. We also begin learning our Rally Sunday anthem to kick off the year!
For: Children in grades 3-12
Dates: mid-August (Monday-Friday)
Times: 4-7pm (light dinner is served)
Where: St. Michael's in the Hills
Cost: Free